Fuel Combustion Efficiency with CM4

Clean Mobility provides a unique fuel consumption management solution for high volume consumers of hydrocarbon fuel, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and the harmful exhaust emissions produced during combustion.

Improving your triple bottom line

Clean Mobility customers have recorded a reduction in fuel consumption of between 8 and 16%, providing a Net Financial Benefit of between 5% and 12%, and a more than 50% reduction in tailpipe emissions.

With CM4

The cornerstone of the solution is Clean MobilityQuattro (CM4), a blend of metallic and organometallic catalysts that is added to middle distillate and bio fuel to enhance combustion efficiency and reduce noxious exhaust gases (CO, CO2, NO, NO2 and unburnt hydrocarbons). CM4 also significantly reduces diesel particulate matter (DPM) in exhaust gases.

Deployed within a comprehensive solution

The Clean Mobility Fuel Consumption Management solution (CMS) is a sophisticated engineering and technology solution including an on-site Proprietary Dosing System that ensures precise, temperature controlled, dosing of fuel with CM4 and a Business Intelligence System with customizable dashboard to allow real time monitoring of fuel balance and variance. Emissions reductions are also measured and reported for accounting purposes in line with international financial and environmental accounting standards.

With a commitment to delivering value

Clean Mobility commits to delivering clients a resulting net financial benefit of at least 5%.

Effective to the Power of Four

Improved fuel combustion efficiency
Reduced fuel consumption
Reduced maintenance
Reduced emissions

The Clean Mobility Fuel Consumption Management Solution

CM4Fuel Catalyst
More than 10 years R&D
Tested by Innospec
Proprietary blend of metallic and organometallic catalysts
Proven results across a range of industries
Proprietary Dosing Technology
Ensuring precise and efficient dosing of CM4 with in-house fuel
Programmable Logic Controller – running SCADA software
All equipment complies with MQTT (internet of things) standards
Business Intelligence System
Customised Fuel Consumption and Emissions Dashboard (FCED):
reconciled fuel balance, wet stock monitoring and variance reporting
Protocols to link disparate systems and devices
Deployed on multiple platforms e.g. mobile / desktop
CM4 Innovations Limited

Christabel House, 118 Agias Fylaxeous Street,
3087 Limassol, Cyprus

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